Prague International Film Festival, Czech Republic

The Prague International Film Festival celebrates the best of international filmmaking. PIFF brings together filmmakers from around the world for an amazing presentation of cinematic excellence and exciting innovation.

With an emphasis on new talent, discovery, and cinema innovation, PIFF´s vibrant programme of films combines a commitment to independent cinema’s ideals with a sound understanding of indie filmmaking possibilities.

Prague International Film Festival is exclusive to FilmFreeway, and all short films are selected from FilmFreeway submissions. The festival especially looks forward to showcasing independent and first-time directors making use of arts and indie film spirit.

Some of the outstanding categories we can find at the Prague International Film Festival are:

  • Best Artificial Intelligence Film
  • Best Web Series/New Media
  • Best Woman Filmmaker
  • LGBTTTIQ+ Music Video
  • Best International Podcast

For more information regarding the Prague International Film Festival:

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