Mykonos International Film Festival 2021: The complete program festival

The Mykonos International Film Festival has established its agenda for this edition.
Films in the MIFF 2021 line up have the following categories:
First Time Filmmaker, Jury Award, Best Short Film, Best Feature Film, Black Lives Matter, Best Producer, Best Director, Talent of the Year and Best Film.

Some of the films that stand out in this edition are: Echoes of Kerberos by Toss Kolton, Justice for One by Tim Hanan, Wayadaze by Dieter Michael, RED PILL by Tonys Pinkins, Companion by John Darbonne, I got your letter, John Bauer by Noel Brady and Cold Blue Hearts by Dean Harakas.

All selected participants received a notification letter along with the Official Selection certificate of the Mykonos International Film Festival.
MIFF winners will be announced on Sunday, February 28 via along with all competitions winners within their respective categories.

Explore this season’s acclaimed lineup at the main website of the Mykonos International Film Festival.

Mykonos International Film Festival

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