Moscow International Film Festival Official Selection, April 2021

The Moscow International Film Festival has announced a selection of films for the Russian Film Festival, the April 2021 edition.

This year MoIFF also introduced new categories for New Actress and Actors, Best Film Release and Artist of the Year.

“We have decided the topic “For Life” according to this hard times we are living due to the coronavirus outbreak, but with a lot of motivation to continue working for our industry”, said one of the Festival Programmers.

The selected films have been presented at various film festivals around the world, many of them have been shown at the Venice Film Festival, the Cannes Film Festival, the Berlinale and the Toronto Film Festival.

There are wonderful projects in competition. One of the outstanding films is “DAD” a feature film by the producer, writer and director Rob Lobosco, who also plays the role of Al´s dad on the movie.

DAD Short Synopsis-
After the passing of her mother, Al, is left to the hands of the State Government. Her only wish and hope is finding her Dad whom she barely knows. She sets off on a journey and trusts that her wish will come true, but who she finds is not the man she remembers.

Visit for the complete list of nominees for the Russian International Film Festival.

About MoIFF

Russia International Film Festival is an exclusive film competition in the Grand Principality of Moscow.

The Moscow International Film Festival is an independent non-profit civil association dedicated to supporting independent and consolidate filmmakers, cultivating new audiences and spreading the film culture of the new talent, through an inclusive and hospitable platform for international filmmakers, the general public and the international film community.

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