Make America Love Again

The Song was inspired by the words of Spike Lee in a TV interview (from 2018) The Woolfman wrote the song in London.

The Independent Awards celebrates the best talent In Cinema.

The topic that will be the focus of the festival this year is ‘Future´s Cinema’. And as part of its first edition, the festival will honour the Talent of the year among other categories as: Mobile, Black Lives Matter, Short Screenwriting, Feature, and more.

An Insight into Indie Film Distribution

“COLPIX SIGNS RODRIGUEZ TO 2 YEAR PACT” made the front page of the 1992 April 23rd Daily Variety, after the then 23 year old Indie filmmaker Robert Rodriguez’s “El Mariachi ” caught the attention of Columbia pictures. Guinness World Records recognizes this film as the lowest budgeted film ever (with a shoestring budget of $7000) […]